Foodbank donations

Instead of a Christmas donation, Barcud remembers the food banks each the new year and recently visited Aberystwyth and Cardigan to drop off much-needed supplies and financial support.

Barcud colleagues Tess Price and Ursula Coot received a shopping list from the local Food Bank and delivered a trolley full of much-needed supplies to Cardigan Food Bank recently.

While visiting the Jubilee Storehouse food bank at St Anne’s Church in Penparcau, Aberystwyth Interim CEO Kate Curran and Housing Officer Ffion Evans met Catherine Griffiths, one of the dedicated volunteers who runs this bustling facility.  With over 35 dedicated volunteers, the team collects, packs and distributes over 180 food parcels to needy families each week.  The cost of living crisis has seen weekly packages increase from 50-70 in 2022 to 180 in January 2024. 

With clients contacting the food bank from Aberaeron in the south to Machynlleth in the north, the volunteers have their work cut out to collect, sort and distribute goods.  Donations were also made to Food Banks in Powys

Have you seen the MY FOODBANK NEEDS app?  Download the app on your phone and know exactly what supplies your local foodbank needs and where your local drop-off points are.  It’s a great way to support and provide desperately needed supplies.