Senior Contracts Officer

All criteria are Essential unless indicated otherwise

Responsible to: Head of Planned Maintenance and Compliancy

Responsible for: Contracts Officers X3


Lead alongside the Head of Planned Maintenance and Compliancy on the delivery of Barcud’s Planned Maintenance and Compliance programmes through robust contract management that enables Barcud to meet its business objectives and the needs of its tenants.

Key Responsibilities – Contract Management:  

  1. Oversee the management and monitoring of contracts of providers undertaking  Planned Maintenance and Compliancy activities for Barcud, ensuring that a high quality service is being consistently delivered and Value for Money obtained  throughout.  

2. Develop and implement Barcud’s Planned Maintenance programme, providing  technical input based on the context of the Association’s stock.  

3. Undertake risk assessments for Planned Maintenance programmes. 

4. Oversee the production of work specifications, ensuring that all works are  completed to a high standard and follow Barcud’s procedures.  

5. Develop and implement process and procedures related to Planned Maintenance and Compliancy.  

6. Be responsible for the provision of a responsive, customer-focused Planned  Maintenance & Compliancy-service to Barcud’s tenants and leaseholders. 

7. Oversee the delivery of a rolling programme of stock condition surveys that ensures  condition information held about Barcud’s properties is accurate and complete. 

8. Obtain all necessary approvals for proposed planned programmes of work, such  as CDM, health and safety approvals and contractor approvals. 

9. Compile contract documentation, ensuring accurate records are kept on contracts.

10. Monitor the performance of contracts, identifying issues when they arise with  providers and reporting these issues to relevant senior members of staff to ensure  their swift resolution.  

11. When required, work with Procurement staff to obtain new contracts to carry out  works related to Planned Maintenance and Compliancy.  

12. Monitor the progress of planned programmes of work against timescales, advising  colleagues of delays and seeking to resolve the issues causing delays. 

13. Oversee the budgets and risk of planned programmes of work, reporting to senior  staff when pre-specified thresholds have been breached as per Barcud’s  procedures.  

14. Be responsible for the safety of Barcud’s properties, through the management of  works connected to Health & Safety.  

15. Prepare insurance claims arising from latent defects.  

16. Provide specialist advice related to Planned Maintenance to colleagues across  Barcud.  

17. Oversee the handling of tenant enquiries related to Planned Maintenance, ensuring  technical information is disseminated successfully and clearly.  

18. Oversee the receipt of requests from tenants for repairs and maintenance,  integrating these into service delivery and raising repairs / equipment requests  accordingly.  

19. Consult with tenants on Planned Maintenance programmes, ensuring all  programmes are designed with a focus on the end users.  


• Be responsible for the daily management of the Contracts Officers, ensuring their  work is delivered to the highest standards. 

• Promote a high-performance culture that drives continuous improvement and  efficiencies. 

• Communicate the priorities, plans, vision and objectives of the Association to  ensure effective delivery to the agreed service standards and targets.  


• Promote, develop and manage effective partnerships with internal and external  stakeholders to achieve continuous improvement in the provision of services. • Promote Health and Wellbeing initiatives throughout the organisation. • Provide excellent customer service to all internal and external customers.  • Work within the Association’s equality, diversity and inclusion policies at all times  and in all aspects of service delivery and employment.  

• Ensure that the Association and its employees comply with all legal, statutory and  regulatory requirements along with best practice.  

• In all aspects of the Association’s work, to promote effective communications,  excellence in customer service, and a focus on continuous improvement. • Carry out such other duties and responsibilities as may reasonably be requested.

Personal Specification

This person specification details the experience and skills for the position of Senior  Contracts Officer at Barcud. All skills and experience are essential except where  explicitly indicated to be desirable (D). 


• HND in Building Studies or Construction Management or equivalent building  related qualification.  

• Membership of relevant professional body. (D) 

• Educated to A level standard or equivalent.  

• Evidence of continually developing professional knowledge. 


• Delivery of Planned and Cyclical Maintenance programmes.  

• Experience in a leadership role, for example leading Planned Maintenance project  teams. 

• Managing a team of staff and carrying out supervisory responsibilities. (D) • Experience of managing team performance. (D) 

• Overseeing and devising work specifications.  

• Overseeing the handling of customer / tenant enquiries.  

• Monitoring the work of service providers and resolving issues of poor  performance.  

• Analysing problems and devising effective solutions.  

• Procuring the services of providers for Planned and Cyclical Maintenance  programmes.  

• Public sector or Housing Association experience. (D) 

Skills / Knowledge:

• Thorough understanding of legalisation and regulations relating to Planned and  Cyclical Maintenance as well as service contracts.  

• Knowledge of Health & Safety, including asbestos management.  • Understanding of building construction techniques.  

• Knowledge of the requirements of technical standards related to residential stock  condition. 

November 2020 

• Able to produce comprehensive quality reporting for effective decision making. • Willing to learn Welsh to ALTE level 3 within 2 years (if not already a Welsh  speaker). 

• Ability to deliver results to tight deadlines under pressure. 

• Excellent IT skills. 

• Ability to lead and manage staff.  

• Sound numerical, reasoning and written communication skills. • Able to set appropriate and challenging performance targets for own team and  self. 

• Ability to promote equality and diversity in all aspects of employment and service  delivery.

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